An Award Winning Norfolk Brewery

Written by oleslewfootbrewery on June 8, 2018

Ole Slewfoot was a North American Bear who had been imortalised in many songs and stories….
“He’s big around the middle and broad across the rump, running ninty miles an hour taking thirty feet a jump,
he ain’t never been caught, he ain’t never been tree’d,
some folks say he looks a lot like me”

Welcome to the brewery with a focus on Traditional Cask Ale and Bottle Conditioning. Different yeasts are used for different ale flavour profiles and also for bottle conditioning. We have created ales of outstanding flavour and colour for all real ale lovers! We are keeping the tradition of rustic cottage artisan ales of day gone by, both British and European! All the Ales are made using the finest East Anglian Malting Barley from The Brant Hill Farm on The Holkham Hall Estate near Wells-next-the-Sea. It has the best growing climate in the country and they export the Malted Barley to The U.S.A. The Brewery equipment was shipped up from Bowhouse Brewery on Salisbury Plains in Wiltshire who had bought it from Glastonbury Ales. I have been told that part of the kit was originaly from The Humpty Dumpty brewery right here in Norfolk.

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